Concerns about Palm Oil in our Handmade Bar Soaps

Concerns about Palm Oil in our Handmade Bar Soaps

Our soaps are all hand crafted in NC using pure ingredients and essential oil scents. Each bar creates a rich lather and lasts a long time when stored properly.

We searched far and wide for a soap with safe ingredients that cleans well and it was surprisingly difficult to find! We initially had some concerns about using a bar that contains Palm Oil but this is what we learned from the soap maker:

  • Despite all of the negative press that can be found regarding palm oil and its potential for deforestation, in our opinion, palm oil is the most environmentally friendly option when grown and harvested responsibly. 
    • Palm produces the most amount of oil per acre by a large margin compared to alternatives. In terms of production, palm oil can be up to three times more productive per acre than the next closest oil. In short, the "Palm Free" movement may end up doing more harm than good because of the amount of resources needed to get the same amount of oil.
    • Palm requires very little pesticides to maintain healthy plants. Combined with the increased acreage required to produce an equitable amount of oil and the result of alternative oils is a significantly heavier use of chemicals and pesticides with a much higher likelihood of runoff and ground water pollution in growing regions.
  • With the knowledge that palm is critical to the industry and, when grown and harvested responsibly, is better for the environment and growing region, we took the best step in aligning our company with truly sustainable palm options.  
    • Each of our vendors and suppliers are Rainforest Alliance certified. As such, they are required to follow strict compliance regulations regarding the growing, harvesting, production, and distribution of palm oil and palm oil products. While other vendors may claim to be "sustainable", a Rainforest Alliance certification requires regular independent inspections of the entire supply chain and includes a Chain of Custody Standard in which drop of palm oil is accounted for and verified from growth to final distribution. This differs from mass-balanced palm in which the Chain of Custody is more ambiguous and, in our opinion, is the highest form of true sustainability and accountability available.

It is hard to deny that palm oil creates some of the best soap bars.  It lends a richness and creaminess to the lather that really takes the experience of our bars to the next level.  Our soaps create a full lather that is clean but gentle and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.


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