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Candle Therapy

Aromatherapy Candle - Earl Gray (Bergamot)

Aromatherapy Candle - Earl Gray (Bergamot)

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Crystals in Wax

Nontoxic aromatherapy candle made with soy wax and organic essential oils. Earl Grey (Bergamot) is citrus, spicy-floral, and sophisticated. It is a simple and light scent that is good for people who are sensitive to strong scents. Earl Grey tea is made of black tea and bergamot oil - the bergamot is what gives it its unique taste and smell. This scent is relaxing, uplifting, and healing when under the weather. It attracts love and brings encouragement, and helps with the grieving process.

Available in 4oz or 9oz

Crystals available in the wax

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